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Wish list

If you or your business is interested in supporting the Biology & Agriculture classes at SBRSD please let me know.

I’ve listed our wish list below.

Classroom Animals are in constant need of feed & supplies

  1. Oxbow Chinchilla Feed
  2. Rabbit Feed
  3. Guinea Pig Feed
  4. Timothy hay
  5. Pine or Aspen Shavings
  6. Blue Cloud Chinchilla Dust
  7. Gift cards to Petco/Agway

Barn – our barn is finished and currently houses sheep & alpacas.

  1. Stock tanks
  2. Hay – square & round bales
  3. Pitchforks, manure forks
  4. Compost tumbler
  5. Gift cards to Agway/Lowe’s/Home Depot/Tractor Supply
  6. Livestock pens for outreach and shows



  1. Official Jackets
  2. Handbooks & Manuals
  3. FFA plaque station markers
  4. Sponsorship to send students to leadership conventions & career development events

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