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PALS: Partners in Active Learning Support

Partners in Active Learning Support (PALS) is a FFA youth mentoring program that matches high school students with elementary youth to help them become excited about themselves, school and agriculture. The program helps those involved build trust in others and develop a positive self-esteem. Mentors acquire leadership and planning skills as they work as a team to develop individual and group activities. Mentors in the PALS program will meet with elementary students and educate them about agriculture and the environment. PALS can make a difference, not just for the mentee, but for the mentor, school and community.

Mission: Teaching and providing educational resources to elementary school students  while building awareness about agriculture in our local community.


  1. To promote an understanding of agriculture
  2. To improve interpersonal, human relations and leadership skills in SBRSD students
  3. Increase self-esteem as a result of relationships between young adult role models and elementary youth
  4. Increase interaction and relationships between teachers and students across grade levels
  5. To provide hands on learning experiences
  6. To demonstrate the essentiality of agriculture to life
  7. To provide an understanding of the relationships between agriculture, food, fiber, the environment, industry and students homes and lives
  8. To increase the number of students participating in agriculturally related classes and occupations 

Student created and centered lessons: students are responsible for creating mini lesson plans for the elementary students based on what they are learning in their Agriculture classes and also community needs. Research has shown that retention rates for information are highest when students teach others and are hands on learners.

Roles of Mentoring

A mentor is someone who:

  • generates respect and trust
  • encourages students to expect success
  • provides a positive role model
  • contributes something positive
  • participates in activities designed to involve/motivate students
  • listens without judging
  • does positive, fun things
  • helps mentee build good study habits
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