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Anatomy Assignments

Virtual Pig dissection assignment

Students will be given time to work on this during class on Friday 3/17 & Monday 3/20. Assignment is due 3/24

Handouts will be passed out in class but you can download a copy here if you misplace yours or are absent:


Link to website to complete assignment:


Anatomy Project

download copy of assignment here: Anatomy Project

examples of projects can be viewed in classroom.

Students will select an organ system in class.

Students will be given class time on 3/21. 3/22, 3/23, & 3/24 to complete.

Projects are due on Monday 3/27. Exception being D period – due 3/29

This is a project grade and will weigh heavily for 3rd quarter



Unit 4 Test

Unit 4 Test Wednesday Jan. 11th


Bodies Exhibit Fieldtrip

Bodies Exhibit Field trip. Jan. 6th 2017

40 Mt. Everett students visited the Bodies Exhibit at the Rhode Island Convention Center where they were fascinated by the incredible displays of human anatomy.

The exhibition BODY WORLDS informs the visitor about anatomy, physiology, and health by viewing real human bodies. The exhibit we saw was a special collection of specimens designed to show visitors the basics for human health and wellness. The exhibition includes whole-body plastinates, large arrangement of individual organs, organ and arterial configurations, and translucent slices that give a complete picture of how the human body works. Vital tells the fascinating story of how best to fight life-threatening diseases—such as cancer, diabetes, and heart ailments—through healthy choices and lifestyle changes.

For more pictures visit:


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Science Fieldtrip – Jan. 6th

All 10th grade Biology students have been invited to go on a fieldtrip to see the Bodies Exhibit at the Rhode Island Convention Center.

Date: Jan 6th

Time: Leaving at 8:30am and returning at 6:00pm

Cost: $30 plus lunch money/bagged lunch

Permission slips are due by Dec. 21st.

For more information visit:



1st Semester ends Jan. 20

Second Quarter/1st Semester ends January 20th.

Plus portals is updated every week to check progress.

If you’re unable to check Plus Portals you can request a progress report mailed/emailed home.


Quarter ends Nov. 2nd

It’s hard to believe that we are almost 1/4 of the way into the school year!

1st Quarter ends Nov. 2nd

Biology students can retake their lowest quiz/test from the quarter on Friday, Oct. 28th or Monday, Oct. 31st. Please arrange to do this during your lunch or structured support period. The retake will be averaged with the original score. Take advantage of this opportunity to review material and bring your average up a few points.

Unit 2 Quiz on Monday Oct. 17th

Unit 2 Quiz on Monday Oct. 17th.

Students should study Unit 2 packet: notes set #1 & #2, pictures of cells (plant, animal, prokaryote), and review guide. I also recommend reviewing the vocab assignments from the past two weeks and watching the crash course videos on cell membranes, plant cells, and eukaryote cells. Links to videos and powerpoints viewed in class can be found here:

What you need to know:
* Define the three parts of the modern cell theory
* Distinguish between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell types
* Identify & describe the structures and functions of each cell organelle

* Explain the role of cell membranes as a highly selective barrier

* Define tonicity: Isotonic, Hypertonic, Hypotonic

* Understand the types of active and passive transport.