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Quarter ends Nov. 2nd

It’s hard to believe that we are almost 1/4 of the way into the school year!

1st Quarter ends Nov. 2nd

Biology students can retake their lowest quiz/test from the quarter on Friday, Oct. 28th or Monday, Oct. 31st. Please arrange to do this during your lunch or structured support period. The retake will be averaged with the original score. Take advantage of this opportunity to review material and bring your average up a few points.

Unit 2 Quiz on Monday Oct. 17th

Unit 2 Quiz on Monday Oct. 17th.

Students should study Unit 2 packet: notes set #1 & #2, pictures of cells (plant, animal, prokaryote), and review guide. I also recommend reviewing the vocab assignments from the past two weeks and watching the crash course videos on cell membranes, plant cells, and eukaryote cells. Links to videos and powerpoints viewed in class can be found here:

What you need to know:
* Define the three parts of the modern cell theory
* Distinguish between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell types
* Identify & describe the structures and functions of each cell organelle

* Explain the role of cell membranes as a highly selective barrier

* Define tonicity: Isotonic, Hypertonic, Hypotonic

* Understand the types of active and passive transport.




Progress reports


1st Quarter progress reports were mailed home this week. Please look for them. If you have any questions about your child’s progress in class contact me via or at ext 135 after 2:45.

9-12 Open House is next Thursday, Oct. 6th from 4-7pm in the High School Cafeteria/Eagles Loft.

I update plus portals every week. If you need help with log in contact the district tech department.


Welcome back students!

I recommend bookmarking this website as it will serve as a valuable resource all year. You will find homework, projects, review materials, class powerpoints, videos and other resources here.


First week forms and info (paper copies passed out in class):

Biology syllabus: BIOLOGY SYLLABUS 2016-2017

Participation rubric: Participation Rubric

Agriscience syllabus: Agriscience syllabus

Agriscience Animal Safety: Animal safety sheet


Biology homework will be posted on this website.

At the top of this page click/hover over ‘Biology’ and a drop down menu will appear.     Here you will find separate pages for Vocabulary and Textbook assignments. Assignments are posted well in advance with due dates. These are individual assignments. Copied and plagiarized work will receive a zero. Considering I post assignments far in advance, extensions will not be given and late work policy is strictly enforced. [Exception for serious illness/family emergencies etc…]

Another link will lead to powerpoints & videos viewed in class. If you’re absent – check the website to avoid falling behind.


Plus portals:

I update grades every week. Students and their parents/guardians should check regularly. For assistance accessing plus portals contact the school technology lab.


Missed/Late Work Policy:

  • It is YOUR responsibility to find out what you missed when absent. Check the class website.
  • Give notice for planned absences/field trips/early dismissal for athletics
  • Late work = 10 points off per day. Work will not be accepted after 3 days for college prep/honors students. Standard students have one week. Homework is 35% of course grade!
  • Skipping = absolutely NO make-up work will be allowed.



Classwork & Homework:         35%

Tests & Quizzes:                        35%

Projects:                                      10%

Participation & Conduct*        20%

*See participation rubric


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End of year

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Remaining Homework assignments


Vocab 13 – due by Friday May 20

Text 9 – due by Friday May 27

Ecology assignments:

Bronx Zoo fieldtrip worksheet – due Wednesday May 25th – Bronx Zoo Trip assignment

Other students – due Wednesday May 25th – Ecology assignment_those not going to zoo

Honors only article review – due by Monday May 31 Article Critique paper & rubric


Disease project – due May 23rd disease book 2016

SAE project – Completed Recordbook

Final presentation – SAE final presentation

Biology MCAS is June 1 & 2

All students will be reviewing in class every day. Additionally, there are the following after school review sessions.

Wednesday May 18.   3-4pm

Monday May 23.   3-4 pm

Wednesday May 25.   3-4pm


The Biology Final Exam will consist of 50 multiple choice questions from all units.

Final Exam schedule:

Monday June 6 – B & E exams

Tuesday June 7 – C & F exams

Wednesday June 8 – D & G exams

Thursday June 9 – A exam

Bronx Zoo fieldtrip May 20th

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Bronx Zoo fieldtrip May 20th

The Bronx Zoo fieldtrip is May 20th.

Leaving school at 8:15am and returning at 6pm (sorry Softball & Tennis players… you have games)

Permission slips are due TOMORROW MAY 10th along with $10.

A Target field trip grant made this trip possible (and affordable)

I have to order group tickets Wednesday afternoon.

uploading permission slip..

Bronx Zoo FT permission slip


3rd Quarter ends April 1st

Biology classes:

Extra credit vocab set is due Thursday, March 31st. optional.

Cumulative Anatomy Unit Test – Thursday March 31st (no retakes). Study Anatomy notes, study guide, images, and watch crash course videos.

Review from class: Anatomy Test Review

Retakes – if a student wants to retake a quiz/test from the 3rd quarter, please make an appointment with Mrs. Melino during lunch. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday lunches only. Give notice that you’re coming so the assessment is prepared. This can also be taken during a structured support class


4th quarter starts next week! We have two units left; Evolution and Ecology.

The Biology MCAS test is June 1 & 2nd.