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Meet the animals


Shropshire Sheep Flock – We currently have a purebred flock of Shropshire Sheep. The flock includes Abraham the Ram, Lincoln the wether and the girls: Jackie, Hillary, Nancy, Eleanor, Martha.

Other animals include two rescued Alpaca’s (“Mia & Millie”) and a rescued Miniature Horse (“Shelby”) 10259909_10203230706800873_2304162471520017275_n 10426569_10101934577518059_5537537936151617221_n

10269361_10101891431098829_4541873693766044101_n 10338337_10101870345624289_6768658449860077499_n 10407855_10102237236137759_7240910004152824701_n  5

4 alpaca's  photo-47lambs2014.7547472_10101164750512549_1269247115_n1486872_10101628413218769_1277693570_nshrop_leic_wether  shane with Lincoln 10410278_10102238339032549_4480126634561907775_n


Penny & Ruby Prairie Dogs. DOB ~ Feb. 2009. Penny & Ruby are wild caught prairie dogs that were rescued by Mrs. Melino when they were ~8 weeks old. After many months of patience and time spent in their bonding pouch, they became extremely social and well mannered prairie dogs. While students love and adore the prairie dogs, they are not the easiest pets to keep. They are very smart, crafty and Ruby can sometimes have an attitude (when you wake her or if she thinks Penny is getting more atttention)

“Ceasar” the mini rex rabbit. DOB ~ April 2012. Ceasar is extremely sweet and loves attention. He likes timothy grass hay, apple twigs and dandelion greens.

baby ceasar

“Rosie” the mini lop rabbit. DOB ~ April 2012. Rosie is a very sweet and endearing rabbit.

rosie & babies


– Casper & Gus. Casper is a pink white ebony male and was bred by Mrs. Melino. DOB: September 2007. Gus is a standard grey male.


10409497_10101891431537949_3251437527166619222_nGuinea Pigs – Stella & Luna. DOB ~ July 2012. Stella & Luna are American guinea pigs. Stella is brown and white and Luna is grey. They are very social and love oranges and apple slices.

stella guinea pig stella


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