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Vet Science CDE

2017 Veterinary Science CDE – Feb. 17th

A message from Mass FFA:
The following practicums will be part of the upcoming Veterinary Science CDE:
Written exam
Math Applicatiom
Administer Ophthalmic Medication
Prescription Filling
Restraint of Cat in lateral recumbency for femoral venipuncture
Restraint of Dog for Jugular Venipuncture

practice quiz::

Official Manual from National FFA – Rules & details

cde_vetscience manual


Physical Exam:

Dog –  youtube video:

Cat –


How to tie a bowline –


Parasite ID: parasite ID

Dog Breeds ID: dog breeds id powerpoint

Cat Breeds ID: cat breed id powerpoint

Rabbit Breeds ID: rabbit breeds id powerpoint

Poultry, pig & cattle breeds ID: poultry, pig, cattle breed ID

Horse breeds: horse breeds

Diseases ID:

Equipment ID:

How to put a muzzle on a dog: muzzling a dog

flashcards: Vet_terms flashcards

Parasite & disease descriptions: parasite & disease descriptions names

Practice Test: Vet Tech question bank

Practice Test w/ answers: Vet Tech question bank 4 06 KEY


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