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Vet Science CDE

2018 Veterinary Science CDE – Feb. 28th

Components of competition:

1. Written exam
2. Identification

Practicals: (2 clinical, 2 restraint)
4. Suture removal
5. Administer oral tablet/capsule

6. Applying a nylon dog muzzle

7. Restraint of cat for Jugular Venipuncture


8. Team Activity
Topic: Tick Management and Prevention of Tick Borne Diseases
Students should be prepared to discuss tick management techniques for both large and small animals. Students should also have background information about tick borne diseases. The team will be given a specific scenario to address the day of the CDE. Students should research the topic ahead of time, but any presentation must be developed the day of the CDE.

Teams will be given 15 minutes to prep, 15 minutes to present


practice quiz::

Official Manual from National FFA – Rules & details

cde_vetscience manual


Physical Exam:

Dog –  youtube video:

Cat –


How to tie a bowline –


Parasite ID: parasite ID

Dog Breeds ID: dog breeds id powerpoint

Cat Breeds ID: cat breed id powerpoint

Rabbit Breeds ID: rabbit breeds id powerpoint

Poultry, pig & cattle breeds ID: poultry, pig, cattle breed ID

Horse breeds: horse breeds

Diseases ID:

Equipment ID:

How to put a muzzle on a dog: muzzling a dog

flashcards: Vet_terms flashcards

Parasite & disease descriptions: parasite & disease descriptions names

Practice Test: Vet Tech question bank

Practice Test w/ answers: Vet Tech question bank 4 06 KEY


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