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 FFA Horse Judging Competition – Spring 2018 at _______

Practice schedule :



In this CDE, you evaluate and rank horses on breed characteristics, conformation, and performance. Team members cooperatively complete problems related to equine selection, management, nutrition and production. You will also give oral reasons explaining your placing of various classes.


The purpose of the National FFA Horse Evaluation Career Development Event is to:

1. Promote the study of and interest in equine science selection, care and well being, management and production through the agricultural education curriculum.

2. Encourage experiential learning through use of practical skills and applied knowledge.

3. To create a foundation for career choices by building an awareness of opportunities within the equine industry.

4. To advance knowledge in equine science selection, care and well being, management and production of horses.

5. To provide the opportunity to evaluate, make decisions and orally justify decisions on conformation traits and performance of horses.

The competition will consist of multiple parts

  1. Written test
  2. Judging performance classes
  3. Judging halter classes
  4. In hand (one person)
  5. Team activity

Halter classes may be represented by the following breeds and types:

Quarter Horse, Conformation Hunter, Appaloosa, Arabian, Paint, American Saddle Bred and Morgan.

Performance classes may include:

Western Horsemanship, Hunt Seat Equitation, Western Pleasure, Western Riding, Reining, English Pleasure (Saddle Seat), Hunter Under Saddle (Hunt Seat), Trail and Hunter Hack.

There will be two classes selected for oral reasons.



Breeds, colors, markings

Oral Reasons:


Judging Western Pleasure –

Halter Conformation –

Conformation –

Judging Hunter under Saddle –

Judging Reining –



Horse tack equipment guide



Developing Effective Oral Reasons Manual DRAFT





Kentucky manual


NC manual

oklahoma manual

Practice classes:



Other resources

horse coat colors

horse judging resources

Developing Effective Oral Reasons Manual DRAFT

Performance classes: