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What is the FFA?

The Mt. Everett FFA Organization’s roots are established within the National FFA Organization.

The National FFA Organization is a positive example of what works in education. This dynamic youth organization changes students’ lives through preparations for premier leadership, personal growth and career success.

FFA members are the enthusiastic leaders of tomorrow, promoting American values, citizenship and civic participation. The FFA fosters a sense of belonging within its chapters. FFA members can look forward to unlimited success in life. The personal growth, leadership and career success skills that are developed through FFA serve a student well throughout life.

The Mt. Everett FFA chapter is a small but very motivated group of students. All FFA members are invested in the chapter and are active participants. Our chapter offers numerous opportunities to its members. The FFA chapter is run by a team of student officers and advisor, Danielle Melino.

So what exactly is Agricultural Education?

Agricultural Education is a nation-wide program overseen by the United States Department of Education and United States Department of Agriculture. It is primarily a vocational subject, but with its close connections with science, economics, history and other core and elective subjects, it is gaining recognition for its academic value as well.  Agricultural education is more than “just a class” – it is an integrated approach to education that provides students with classroom instruction, laboratory skills, hands-on experience, internship opportunities, service learning, leadership potential, and career preparation.  In addition to classroom and laboratory activities, students also conduct supervised agricultural experience (SAE) projects in which they learn by doing.

Today’s generation of youth is further removed from the farm than ever before. As a result, most American youth do not understand the crucial role agriculture serves in their lives and may have false notions of 21st century agriculture. However, these youth will have to make intelligent and informed decisions ranging from what food they eat to agricultural policies. Therefore, the lack of agricultural literacy is both a local and national problem that needs to be addressed.

Opportunities for members:

  • Be a leader in your school
  • Help your community
  • Explore careers
  • Mentor elementary students
  • Make new friends
  • Travel: Local field trips, State and National Conventions, Leadership Workshops
  • Career Development Events (horse judging, livestock judging, Public Speaking, Veterinary Science etc….)
  • Win degrees & awards: local, state, national
  • Scholarships—over $2 million from National FFA

Opportunities for parents, alumni & community members

  • Sponsorship of FFA events such as Career Development Events, Community Service Events, State & National Convention
  • Agriculture Internships—please contact Mrs. Melino if you are interested in working with our students
  • Assist with community service & fundraising events
  • Donations to school barn: hay, shavings, fencing, feed, supplies, labor
  • Assistance with grants
  • Fencing is our current number one need. We need to replace and expand the fencing at our school barn. Can you help?


Recent Accomplishments


#1 Horse Judging Team & Individual

#2 Prepared Public Speaker individual

#5 Job Interview individual



#1 Horse Judging Individual

#1 Horse Judging Showmanship Individual

#3 Livestock Judging Individual


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The mission of the FFA is to make a positive difference in the lives of young people by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education.

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