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Biology is the study of life! We will begin the semester at the smallest molecular level by investigating biochemistry, cell biology and genetics. Then we start to put these building blocks together to form tissues and organs through the study of anatomy and physiology. Finally we take a look at populations of organisms and how they interact with their environment by examining the principles of ecology. Unifying these diverse topics of study is the fascinating concept of evolution – how organisms change over time!

Goals of Course:

A solid understanding of biology allows you to make scientifically informed decisions related to your health and to the health of the planet. In addition, the course will prepare you to take the Biology MCAS in June (passing score required for graduation).

The Honors sections of Biology will challenge highly motivated students with numerous enrichment projects. Students will design and execute independent research, conduct article critiques, and read a nonfiction science book. In addition, the content of the course is enriched through in depth discussion and exploration of major biological and agricultural concepts. Critical thinking, collaboration and creativity are emphasized throughout the course.

The standard section of Biology provides modification of content and learning accommodations based on students needs and educational plans.

Materials Needed

Required: please have within one week

♦ 3-ring binder

♦ Lined paper

♦ Pens & pencils

♦ A planner to keep track of assignments




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