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End of year reminders, projects, and final exam information

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For all Biology students:

4th Quarter Test retakes can be taken on June 12th or 13th. Please let me know if you plan on retaking one of the three tests from 4th quarter. Remember, I will average the two scores together. This is an opportunity to improve your grade.

Projects – Students have the choice of completing one of three projects. Options include an Evolution Poster, Biome travel brochure, or Genetic Disorder informational brochure. Projects were explained and assigned on June 5th in class. All projects are due on June 15th at the start of class. They will NOT be accepted late. Students will be given class time to complete them. If they’re not completed in class then they need to be worked on at home. Projects are 10% of the 4th quarter grade.

Project handouts with rubrics are available in the classroom and for you to download below:

Genetic Disorder Project

evolution project

Biome Project


Final Exams – The Biology final exam will be 50 multiple choice questions covering all units. Students should study their quizzes and tests, review packets, and MCAS study materials.

Final Exam Schedule:

Thursday, June 15 A A B D E F F                                        A – F  Exams

Friday, June 16 B B C D E F G                                             B  Exam

Monday, June 19 A C C D E F G                                          C  Exam

Tuesday, June 20 A B C E E G G                                         E – G  Exam

Wednesday, June 21 (1/2 day) D D A B (Make-ups)      D  Exam

Thursday, June 22 (1/2 day) A B C D


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