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Zoo Fieldtrip

Thanks to the generosity of TARGET, Mrs. Melino was awarded a grant to take all of her students on a field trip to the Trevor Zoo in Millbrook NY.

The field trip will be an all day trip on Thursday, April 17th. Chaperones are needed. Please contact Mrs. Melino if interested.

The cost is free and students will need to pack a lunch.

The Trevor Zoo is the only zoo in the US that is located at a high school.
The zoo houses more than 180 species of animals including endangered species and has an onsite veterinary clinic.
This trip covers many of the Massachusetts Biology standards related to
evolution, natural selection, biodiversity, taxonomy, ecosystems, food webs,
carbon, and symbiotic relationships amongst species. The objectives of this field are for students to see firsthand many of the species discussed in class and to develop an appreciation for wildlife and a conservation ethic through observation and contact with living animals.
Students will gain a better understanding of interconnected environmental
issues including climate change, human population growth, over-consumption of natural resources, and wildlife habitat and biodiversity loss.



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