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Welcome back!

Welcome back to school!

I know I’m posting this a week before school starts but I’m VERY excited about the upcoming school year. I joined the SBRSD family in January 2012 and I’ll admit that it was pretty crazy to start mid way through the school year. I’ve revamped the Biology lessons and have some really cool labs, activities and lessons planned for my students. I’m teaching two Agriculture electives this year during A period which will focus on the Animal Sciences.

Please take a minute to browse around this website and familarize yourself where everything is. I’ve uploaded the Biology syllabus along with some other forms. Don’t worry, you will receive a copy the first day of class. However, if you misplace that copy or if parents want to print a copy for home – it’s there for you. Biology weekly vocab assignments are posted for the entire school year. Feel free to get started


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