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Biology end of year projects & final exams

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End of year Biology projects – due June 18th

Pick one of the following:

Option 1 Anatomy Project

Option 2 Biome Project

Option 3 evolution project

Final Exam schedule

Monday June 18th – C & F exams

Tuesday June 19th – B & G exams

Wednesday June 20th – A & D exams

Thursday June 21st – E exam

Friday June 22nd – makeups


Feb. 28th sub plans – computer games

Whack a bone:


Poke a muscle:

Biology current events article assignment. Due Nov. 29

Biology Current Events Article Assignment

Due Nov. 29

College Prep & Honors – C, D, F, & G periods – Biology Article Critique assignment

Standard – F period – Biology Article Critique assignment Standard



Cell projects!

WOW! Check out these amazing cell projects!

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Say Cheese

Biology students will be completing their first lab this week. We will be making cheese using milk, buttermilk, and enzymes. Students may bring in other varieties of cheese in addition to crackers or charcuterie to complete our ‘cheese party’ on Friday.

Progress reports

Progress reports will be sent home at the end of this week.

So far, I’ve been very impressed with how hard students are working. They should be proud of their hard work. Most are maintaining A’s by completing all their work and doing well on quizzes. Keep it up!! I’m proud of you.

If I have any concerns about a student’s progress, I will be contacting parents/guardians.

Welcome back! 2017-2018 school year

First week schedule:

Wednesday, August 30th schedule: A B C D E F G

Thursday, August 31st schedule: A B C D E F G

Friday, September 1st schedule: A B C D [half day for students]

Biology students:

First week forms can be downloaded below. Signed syllabus and student information sheets are due by Sept. 8th.


Student Information Sheet



Agriscience students:

First week forms can be downloaded below. Signed syllabus and animal safety sheets are due by Sept. 8th. Start thinking about SAE projects – proposals due Sept. 15th.

AgApps syllabus

SAE proposal

SAE Recordbook



study skills schedule: 17-18 Study Hall Schedule