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Semester ends Jan. 22nd

The semester will be ending Jan. 22nd

Important deadlines for all classes


Quiz/Test retakes will be available Jan. 16 & 17th.

  • Students must tell me which Q/T they want to retake by Jan. 15th and make arrangements to take the Q/T during Tutorial or Lunch on the 16th or 17th.


Pet ownership brochure is due Jan. 16th

pet brochure assignment

pet budget worksheet


SAE project is due Jan. 17th – Completed recordbook & a poster/powerpoint presentation.

  • Make sure all applicable pages in recordbook are completed.
  • The SAE project will NOT be accepted late

sae recordbook


Agriscience assignment – due Jan. 16th

Assigned Jan. 8th

Due Jan. 16th

Ethics & Ownership lecture

pet brochure assignment

pet budget worksheet

Agriscience assignment 12/4/2018

Download facebook profile assignment here:

Facebook page livestock species

Due Dec. 10th








Download powerpoint: Breeds

Review powerpoint: Breeds Review

November 16th lesson

C, D, F – Biology classes – new videos assigned on Edpuzzle.

Science Fair packets are on front desk – take one if you’re interested ( A, D & F only)


G – Agriscience – work on Food Inc packet. Due at the end of class today



Mrs. Melino is planning a trip to the Galapagos Islands April 2020 (over April break)


Use code Travel6S for the $200 discount – good until the end of NOVEMBER.

The trip is open to Mt. Everett students, their parents, and staff.

  • Join us as we experience one of the most significant ecological and scientifically historical sites in the world!
  • Follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin! see the evidence of Darwin’s theory firsthand. see the evidence of Darwin’s theory firsthand.
  • Explore the ecology and evolutionary patterns of the islands as well as mountainous Ecuador!
  • Go snorkeling on gorgeous lava rock reefs with sea lions, penguins, & brightly colored fish!
  • Hike 13,000 feet to a volcano!
  • Observe giant Galapagos tortoises, blue footed boobies, marine iguanas, frigate birds, penguins, finches, sea lions, and other native species
  • Visit the Equator museum!
  • Visit and learn about the Twin Craters!
  • Immerse yourself in the local culture of Quito, Ecuador’s capital (the highest official capital city in the world)

When: April Vacation 2020

Where: Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands

With: Mrs. Danielle Melino – Mt. Everett Biology teacher

Cost: $3,872

Includes travel, accommodations, all activities and meals.

Open to students in grades 8-12 during the 2019-2020 school year

Parents are welcome to join us as adult travelers

Everything you get:

  • Full-time, bilingual Tour Director
  • Educational itinerary
  • Sightseeing led by licensed local guides
  • Entrance fees to attractions
  • Hotels with private bathrooms


Pictures are from our trip in 2016

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Biology Current Events Article Assignment

Assigned week of Oct. 22nd. Due Oct. 29th

College Prep & Honors Handout: Biology Article Critique assignment

Standard Handout: Biology Article Critique assignment Standard

Questions? Email Mrs. Melino

Unit 2 Quiz & Review

All Biology classes – Unit 2 Quiz – Tuesday, Oct. 16th

Students should review their notes, textbook reading, crash course videos, and the review games below.

Name that Organelle Who Wants to be a Millionaire Review Game

cell quiz review jeopardy